OA Kenya Plan for Secondary School to Raise Youth Leaders

Nowadays OA Kenya started to plan to set up a secondary school to raise many youth leaders. In this sinful world, it can be very important to educate the teenagers with the truth, so then many teenagers can grow well with the true wisdom of God, not being affected from the evil world. And if they can raise the youth leaders well then they will compose many holy families then those can be the holy seeds to change this world. So OA Kenya decided to apply this new paradigm for the mission work.

By the way, this paradigm is already started by OA Zambia, so OA Kenya will try to cooperate with them and plan to set up a good school system to contain many teenagers. If possible, they will try to hire young teachers so then they hope to train the students and the teachers together for the kingdom of God. Please pray for this plan of OA Kenya then it can bring much more fruits for the kingdom of God in Kenya and Africa.