Revival Church Sunday Service, “How Can We Earn God’s Approval and His Protection”

Revival church members joined to Sunday service. The message was shared by brother Benson. The title was, “How Can We Earn God’s Approval And His Protection?” Scriptures came from the book of Psalms 125, and Job 1:10.

As mountains cover Jerusalem so even the Lord shall surround his people forever. The wicked people will not live in the same land as the righteous and children of God. The Lord shall do good only to those who are good, to those upright in the heart. Just as the Lord said to Satan have you seen my servant Job? there is no one else can be compared with his righteousness. But Satan replied it is because you Lord have put strong protection over his life, his family, and everything he has. And also he added that you have also blessed the work of his hands.

This situation clearly shows that God’s favor and blessedness may also come on us. Everything that is good comes from God. We need to stand firm and always to remain faithful unto God. No matter the situation, we should put our trust in the Lord.