OA Zambia Preparing Leadership Retreat

OA Zambia leaders had a conference to prepare retreat and mission development. They started about an online group for evangelism for each chapter and retreat plan. They also shared the progress of the Romans’ master program.

They decided to have a retreat in the beginning of October and OA Zambia gave guidance to elect 3 good members to bring to Lusaka for the retreat.

Lusaka YEF Zambia received sister Mary to give mission training and Romans bible study together. They made a plan to raise sister Mary as a bible teacher of Olivet Teen Ministry for Ndola.

Kitwe Gratia church asked to send one brother to do mission together for the mission training. They operating the book club for 3 students and the church trying to shift to a new place.

Ndola Revival Church had 3 times evangelism together with the church members. They receive 12 members to an online bible study group.