Kenya Gratia Church Sunday Service : Jesus Christ- the Way, the Truth and the Life

Gratia church had a Sunday service on August 31. They were meditating the book of John 14:9-14 “Christ, the Way, Truth, Life”. Pastor Thomas shared that only through Jesus Christ, we can know the truth of our life, the way to God, and have eternal life in God.

“There is much religion in the world. But why should we believe in Jesus? The disciples of Jesus wanted to know where Jesus is going so that they can also follow him. Jesus said “I am the truth, the way, the life. No one can go to Father except through me”. Jesus is the answer to our fundamental questions and through the Bible, we can know the purpose of our life. “Who am I? Why I’m living in now?” God answered me with John 9, “For the glory of God” The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the only way to know God and to go to God. But in this world, there is pluralism spread in many people’s mind.

It is, there can be many ways to go to God, to heaven. But Christianity is teaching us that there is only one way to God. We shouldn’t be mixed in our faith with the worldly culture and pluralism. Israelites worshipped idols and their heart was not pure before God, then God said: “your wine was diluted with water”(Isaiah 1:22). They were holy people of God like choice wine and God guided them but as they were worshipping idols and mixed with the world, they were diluted with water.

But when we come back to God, God will change us and recover us. In John 2 the story of a miracle in a Wedding banquet in Canna shows us how Jesus can change our lives when we meet Jesus.
As today Jesus said “I am the Way, Truth, Life” “No one can go to Father except through me”, when we meditate this word of God and believe in Jesus and follow His way, we can experience God and we will be guided to the true way to God.”

This day, a teen member Michelle Nyambura joined the service. Because of the Pandemic she had time only on Sundays. It was a joyous time to meet her and they hope other members also can join.