Kitwe Gratia Church Mid-Week Service: A New Creation

Zambia Kitwe Gracia Church Members held a mid-week service where 22 people gathered including two Visitors Grace and Norah who are grades 9 and 10 respectively. Intern Peter shared the message about ‘A New Creation’ from the book of Ephesian 1:1-3 and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

He shared how we became dead in our trespass or sins because of one Man(Adam). How we became righteous through the obedience of Jesus Christ. He also taught the importance of being born again and how a new person can live a new life in Christ by the direction of the Holy Spirit. He emphasized two natures of man from Adam and Jesus Christ. He concluded on how can a believer overcome sin.

”We died in Adam because of sin which ruled the whole world because of one man’s offense. we joined to Christ as what 1 Corinthians 6:17 declared that when we joined Christ we became one spirit like a branch which was grafted into a vine so we were grafted into Christ through His death, burial, and Resurrection.”

This new creation cannot sin and doesn’t even want to sin because we possess the divine nature God, but the fact is that we do sin. What happens when we find ourselves in sin, we need to address two issues about our Identity and behavior.

When we believe in Jesus as Our Lord and Savior, our identity changed we joined into Christ and became righteous and perfect. Then our behavior takes place in the body, sin dwells in our unredeemed body, we can still be tempted by the sin. When this happens, our spirit hates because we possess the divine nature which opposes sin. When a believer sinned there is a civil war within him or her, meaning that the flesh will war against the spirit and the spirit will fight against the flesh.

He concluded that we can resolve this confusion by looking at God’s Word instead of our behavior as a mirror accurately reflects what is true about our appearance. So God’s Word reveals what is true about us as a New Creation. Our behavior doesn’t define who we are but what Christ has done define who we are, as we behold in the mirror of God’s Word the glory of who we are in Christ our behavior will be transformed into the same image.