Africa Leaders Conference ‘Nehemiah’s Prayer’

Africa leaders had a conference and shared the prayer of Nehemiah. Pastor Jane shared the importance of studying the book of Romans and building for the Kingdom of God. We shall pray for 12 continents and G20 and 120 countries’ networks.

And she emphasized that the situation of the Nehemiah is the same with today’s world as so many churches are coming out in the market to sell. She said”How is God’s church in this world? In many countries, churches are closed down, and secularised.” Nehemiah started prayer when be listened to the news about Jerusalem and he became so sad, the news was “The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire.”

And Nehemiah prayed with repentance for more than 100 days. He prayed for the sins of Israel and ancestors as Solomon that they served idols. He prayed for the covenant of God that God promises to those who love him that he will save them.

And this cupbearer’s prayer listened to God. The emperor was asking him and he told him in the danger of death. Probably he was a eunuch but prayed seriously with a sincere heart. And finally, the temple was restored.