Kitwe Gracia Church Sunday Service:’The Gospel’

Gratia Church had Sunday service with twenty-nine including sister Chama who is a student at Apex Lusaka. The program was prepared by intern pastor Peter and he shared the word of God from Romans 1:2-4 and the message were about ”The Gospel”

Then, five leaders with Mrs. Exildah who had elders in the church, discussed about the fellowship growth and how they can manage people by making them joining to midweek service and Sunday Service. In their discussion, they suggested to find a house to rent for the fellowship because it cannot accommodate more than 30 people in current place.

He realized something that people want to worship God in truth because this time many churches are not gathering and they are finding a near house for midweek fellowship and Sunday service. Peter shared word of God.

The good news means that the story of victory over someone. The story of the four lepers points to some important issues that lead to the triumph of Jesus Christ over death and sin because this is the picture of what the power of God saved a man from his sin life to give him eternal life and peace with God. When people live according to their own fleshly desire, they became lepers spiritually because sin brings separation between man and God.

But when these took the steps to move from one place to go into the city of Syrian, God blessed them by causing their enemies running away and left money and possession. What can we do when we take that step to follow Jesus? He said to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.

The Gospel means the story of Jesus how He was born, how he lived, died, buried, and resurrected to the glory of God. These are major events that make up the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save man from his fallen sin to heavenly eternity. The historical background of human fallen was great in that man was very far from God and sin of man separated them between and the end results of man were eternal punishment(death). But the power of God caused Jesus to be born in the flesh in order to disgrace the sinful existence in the flesh so that man can become a Son of God.

When Jesus died, the man was liberated from eternal death which is sin by believing might not be punished by his sins but have eternal life. This is what Christ has done to man which the grace and power of God which manifested through Jesus.

The good news is that Jesus has won the victory over death and anyone who accepts him should not perish but have eternal life by faith. Jesus has reconciled man to God therefore man has confidence or boldness to enter the holiest place by the blood of Jesus Christ without any condemnation and conscious of his Sin. This the confidence that we have that we can speak to God without fear and any condemnation. For those who are in Christ Jesus is a new creation the old ways have passed on and new things have come.