Africa Conference: Good News for Africa Mission Network

Africa encouraged by the good news of church starting of Zambia and leaders reported for mission expansion of week. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) encouraged to pray for the Cyber church for the Africa mission network.

OAA is trying to establish the Uganda mission with AM Africa that starting from youth fellowship. They made a goal to establish 17 cyber churches to have 20 countries’ mission expansion. OAA still waiting for the work permit of missionary James for the next program that changing OAA members and construction of Carpentry School and Olivet High School(OHS).

Olivet Center in South Africa reported that they started Global London College(GLC) English class to Chinese members. They trying to provide language school to China General Assembly for evangelism. They will provide English online lessons for them.

OA Kenya had a conference to resume worship service from the next Sunday Service. They still having Sunday Service with online yet. They will focus online evangelism to sharing the words of God through bible study as they have 3 new people to invite to class.

OA Egypt preparing for Olivet Seminary(OS) for the Middle East and Egypt. The sister Marian is started to translate for the Romans Lessons and joined the bible study this week even if she is still sick. They finished Romans Chapter 1. They praying for Turkey OC and had meetings with P. Xiangbin who is going to Turkey.

OA Zambia of the church of 3 cities starting to send good news of growth that church numbers are increasing. Olivet Assembly(OA) Zambia gave guidance to search a plot to build a church and the Olivet High School in Kitwe. Zambia Lusaka, intern pastor Ruth trying to make a bible fellowship with the University of Zambia 3 students. Kitwe Gratia church had fellowship with 29 members. They shifted to a new place for the youth Center and they will have a cell church fellowship place for the family members. Revival church trying to organize 3 teachers and 3 intercessors of prayer for the church development.

YEF Africa keeps praying for a continental network to grow. P. Thomas is working for the renewal of Kenya’s work permit and OAA registration of South Africa.

AM Africa trying to establish Olivet Seminary fellowship through evangelism. They receive the guidance of AMI and making bible study through media. They had 3 peoples who are interesting in bible study. Two from Tanzania (1 completed high School and another at a University) and one from Nigeria (a medical student at University of Lagos).

OHS gives bible study for the students who were missing for the scholarship of the school. They elected assistant students registered Mathews Grade 11 as an assistant: Chaplain then also Thomson as an assistant: Schoolmaster. They accepted to send the students to go and make fellowship of bible study and prayer meeting fat the Revival church after classes end.