The Righteous Shall Live by Faith – YEF Africa Mission Conference

On June 19th, the grace of God was flowing for Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa during the conference time. Firstly Thomas Ha, the leader of YEF Africa, shared the grace of God from the book of Romans 1. They could realize that the sin of mankind starts from Godlessness and wickedness. In other words, it can be derived from the arrogance of mankind. Even though they know God but they don’t want to glorify God nor give thanks to Him. But the Righteous shall live by faith.

As Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, the Son of Man should be lifted up – John 3:14

Then they also meditated on the story of the bronze snake from the book of Numbers 21. For the Israelites, who were continually complaining against God, God sent venomous snakes among the Israelites then many of them died in their sins. But when they cried out to God repenting their sins, He allowed Moses make the bronze snake and lift it up in the desert. So whoever looked at the bronze snake could live and be saved. Jesus became this for this world. This could be the grace of God for the sinners. This is forgiveness of God and the love of God for Mankind. Meditating the words of God, they could be inspired again by the great grace of God.

Then they had the time of sharing their reports. Through the report, Walter Gor, the leader of YEF Kenya, shared online Bible studies he leads once a week. Through the report, he shared that many people are invited but only one person is passionate about the word of God. Even though they are busy, preparing to go to work in the morning, she shows great passion for desiring to know God more deeply.

Having the conference, they could realize the great grace of God and how important it is to study Word and teach people with the word of God. We want to ask you to pray for YEF Africa so that many young leaders can grow well and through them, more people can be saved in the land of Africa.