Africa Conference; Opening New Mission Era

Africa(OAA) leaders had an online conference and shared a weekly plan on Monday. Olivet Assembly of Africa visited Olivet Center in Zambia for making schools and Youth Center. Olivet High School started to teach the words of God to the students from the opening week.

OAA keep having a bible study with Nigerian SLS member and they registered some domains for Olivet Seminary.

OA Egypt is making teaching materials in the Arabic Language. They trying to translate it with some bible study students as they have five university students. They found Two students who are joining to bible study every day.

OA Kenya is in the progress to complete Olivet Seminary with design. trying to make a fruitful bible study program and made plans to teach the book of Romans. They keep teaching Revelation chapter 3 on Sunday.

YEF Africa Pastor Thomas is applying for registration of OA Africa in South Africa. He shared a sermon for the church in Laodicea from Revelation chapter 3.

OHS staff started Bible Study with the students from Thursday of last week. The staff joined to Revival church Conference and made a guideline for the prevention rule of COVID-19 for Sunday Service. The Principal of the school and one teacher joined Sunday Service last week and shared the words of God together as a member of the church