Zambia Revival Church Pentecost Sunday Service:’The Meaning of Pentecost’

Revival Church members joined to Pentecost Sunday Service, they received two visitors including Mrs. Felix and the attendance was 12 people. Missionary James shared the message about the meaning of Pentecost and the text came from Acts 2:1- 17.

He summarizes the meaning of Pentecost as below;

It talks about the number seven multiply by seven which was making 49 then the 50 years was the day of Pentecost Pentecost is the day of Jubilee, people were celebrating during the Passover every 50 years according to their traditional, this Jubilee has some kind of spiritual meaning.

This is the day when Moses received the commandments from God.

It is also the day of Harvest. Jesus brought spiritual freedom to us in order to proclaim the gospel of Salvation to everyone. The spiritual freedom gave us is set us free from sin. He said that the truth shall set you free.

A new era started from Pentecost and after this everyone can receive the Holy Spirit to proclaim the truth. The prophecy of Joel was fulfilled after the Pentecost and the true meaning of the Church started from there.

He taught that after the day of Pentecost the Church number was increased in the number of disciples.