OA Africa Romans Training Shares ‘7 Spiritual Gifts & 12 Christian Life Standards’

Africa leaders had a bible study for Romans 12 with 4 leaders. OAA missionary James shared 7 spiritual gifts and 12 Christian life standards.

The church is a Charismatic Community. The spiritual gifts are individualized to the members of the church and the church leader gives the services with ‘charismatic’ authority by the grace of the Lord given to the leaders, according to the gifts of each person. All these gifs are coming with growth of the church as like two important services Prophet and Teachers’ group in the Antioch Church, 4 gifts in the Ephesians church, 9 in the Christian church.

The prophet is important in the church as the church set minds on things above. Paul also suggested to do prophecy rather than speak in tongues from the church. The prophet needs to keep the proportion of faith in the way of ‘submit each other’ with an apostle.

Serving is ‘diakonus’ in Greeks. The deacon came out to help disciples pay attention to prayer and the ministry of the words according to Act 6:4. Stephen was a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit.

The teacher is an interpreter of the words of God. Reading and teaching written prophet is important. The teacher was important in the Antioch church as a base camp of the Gentile mission.

There is encouraging(exhorter) and contributing to the needs of others with generously. Elder or bishop must have diligent. The person showing mercy need to do it cheerfully.

12 Christian life standards showing how to live together in Christ.

The church needs to show true love, love of God and fight against evil to do not accept it in order to make assembly of the righteous.

The Church has brotherly love as it is a true family. Honor one another is the same as considering others better than me. Serving with humility establishing the church but superiority and inferiority with envy and jealousy breaking it. The church needs to have good fear to do not harm another instead of I am hurt by another.

The church needs to be passionate and redeeming the time instead of wasting time with laziness. Hope and patient with prayer is needed to be always there. Sharing to be a good neighbor to the poor and hospitality for the least was the good church tradition.