Africa Mission Commemorates 18th Anniversary Service ‘Mountain Gethsemane’

Africa had 18 Anniversary Service for mission through online. Africa leaders gathered to join the service and got a conference for the direction for the Olivet Center. OAA Pastor James shared a message of the meaning of ‘Olivet’ from Mark 14:32-36 and 9 leaders joined Kbers Africa Pastor Aquila as a moderator and YEF Africa pastor Thomas for the intercessory prayer and Egypt missionary Boaz.

Pastor Aquila shared testimonies of Olivet Center how beautiful it is. And, they shared the status of OC in South Africa and plans for the future. Pastor Thomas is preparing to come and the hotel is trying to open again as the government released lockdown for the hotels. There is also good news for the hotel business that many mine workers will come because a new mine is opening next week. They shared a prayer topic for the gathering of Pentecost.

Missionary James emphacized to know the beginning of our mission wherever we are now. He shared the beginning of Africa’s mission that two young sisters started 18 years ago from South Africa. He explained that the Africa mission was not started by powerful people and enough experience but weakness and obedience.

Also he shards the meaning of our church name ‘Olivet’ that where our church started. It comes from Mountain Olive where there are many olive trees. Christ is ‘Christos’ in Greek that meaning of ‘anointed one’. So, Jesus supposed to be anointed to be a Christ as a king of Israel anointed. And Jesus is becoming a Christ above all names after he resurrected that people started to say “Jesus Christ”.

The place of mountain Olivet is where Jesus prayed and shared the words of God with disciples to get a vision of the Kingdom of God. But Gethsemane in mountain Olivet was where Jesus prayed for the last prayer. He obeyed yet he showing his weakness, in Mark 14:34, to obey with loud cries and tears as Heb 5:7 said.

Missionary James shared “we love this weakness of Jesus even if people want to see glory and resurrection only”. There is no glory without suffering and nor resurrection without the cross, there is a cape, or a peak, because there is a valley. Christian symbol is the cross and we need to love the cross of Jesus. Jesus took the true cross from the mountain Gesemane even if he took it physically from Calvary.

We need to enter to this deep valley of death that has pain, sorrow, tears, crying and suffering in the darkness and misery to climb the bright resurrection of Jesus.