Zambia Revival Church Easter Service “Who is it you are looking for?”

Zambia Ndola, Revival church had the Easter Service with church leaders. Missionary James shared a message of the resurrection of Jesus from John 20. They took the place of the Olivet High School for the Service due to inspection of the epidemic of Coronavirus and invited some leaders of the church.

Missionary James shared that the person who loves Jesus saw resurrected Jesus before any other disciples, in fact. So we need to love Jesus but how much loving Jesus is not depending on position that we are a leader.

We can love Jesus only in human terms so we do not see the resurrected Jesus as like Marry Macdaline. She was crying too much by love but shs didn’t remember that Jesus is showing the glory through the resurrection. Jesus said, “Who is it you are looking for?”.

We need faith with love. Jesus said to do not hold on him and “I am not yet ascended unto the Father”(KJV). He needs to be a Christ above all names. We can remember both sides of Jesus as a human and as a God.

Luke 24:5 giving us another question when we are looking for Jesus. The angel asked, “Why do you are looking for the living among the dead?” which means our direction looking for Jesus is something wrong because we do not remember what Jesus said before he died.

There is death and resurrection. Easter is a happy day even if Good Friday is sad. So we do not hold and fall down only for the death of Jesus but we need to see the resurrection of Jesus. We need to see the purpose written in the book of John says that ‘to give us salvation and life by believing Jesus is Christ and the Son of God’.

Leaders had a bible study about Eschatology in the topic of the Kingdom of God after finish the service. They made a plan to make a Braai party in Africa tradition.