Teachers Training Concluded at Olivet High School

Revival Church teachers training came to a conclusion with the study the Kingdom of God on 12th, January. Missionary James was very specific in his teaching as he desired to feed well the people that will teach others the word of God.

He explained that the kingdom of God has been revealed. How it will be like in Genesis 1:29 where the green plants represent peace”. “The kingdom of God will be a very peaceful place”, “there will not be any harm or destruction”. “Isaiah 11:6-9 gives the vision of the kingdom of God”. “All the animals that feed on flesh will feed on grass”, “these animals represent people”, “there are going to live in peace with one another with no harm no destroy”, he said.

“Jesus used seven parables to teach about the kingdom of God from Matthew 13”, “the parable explains the four soil types which is the heart of man and the seed is the gospel”, “the word of God has power to create the kingdom of God in us but Satan is always fighting”, “he does not want the seed to grow in us and produce fruits”, “the parable of the weeds explains about judgment”, “God does not want to judge the world now because he is patient”, “the parable of the mustard seed is talking about the church”, “it does not only have to grow in number but also spiritually”, “for the word of God has power to grow”, “it is like yeast, just a little can rise a whole dough to rise”, “therefore, the word of God also has power to change the whole world”. “Not everyone fins value in the word of God that is why it is hidden”, “the parable of the pearl is the same with the hidden treasure”, “we need to find the most valuable and after we find it”, “we need to buy the field which represents ministry”.

“We cannot use our hands to catch fish”, “therefore we need to have the word of God”, “the we can separate the good fish from the bad fish”, “and lastly, the teacher of the word is like the owner of the house”, “we need to use both new and old teachings”, “Taking the ownership and remove both new and old things from the house and clean them”, he concluded.