Olivet High School Impacts Local Community with Biblical Education System

Olivet High School (OHS) in Ndola, Zambia concluded it’s first year of operation and anticipates the start of the new term in 2020, while reflecting on the great impact that could have been made in 2019. OHS chaplain Mr Musonda witnessed a great change inside of students and the community since the start of the school.

“The students come from within the close by neighborhood. The first image they had when starting the school and when completing the third term is very contrasting”, Mr Musonda shared, “students who showed a rebellious, stiff-necked and disobedient character underwent a great change according to parents and community.”

Every morning, for 30 minutes a morning message is delivered, as well as special programs held throughout the week to study the book of Romans. Students opened up during this time and shared how God transformed their hearts since joining the School. “I thank God who brought me here to teach me, I was a very bad daughter and very disobedient to my parents but I am now a better person”, Mary, a grade 8 student shared.

Community and OHS staff gave thanks to God, testifying the immense impact of the word of God in their lives. OHS is following the ethics combining Bible study with basic education to impact lives of students permanently. This method showed great success as the number of students grew from 7 to 50 pupils throughout 2019.

In 2020 OHS in Zambia seeks to increase the number of students to 100 in the grades 8 to 10. OHS in Zambia wants to be a good model for many other institutions to follow in Africa to expand the ministry of Christ.