Christmas Retreats for Churches and Ministries Held Across Africa

Olivet Assembly of Africa Churches held various retreats. Teachings organized by leaders covered mostly Romans, 4 Spiritual Laws and Exodus. Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia Churches and ministries were able to organize Bible training for leaders and members. All the gatherings were so graceful and full of God’s Love

This is a season that people need to refresh themselves in remembrance of the love of God. People come together to share as a family. Parents calls to children and well as children does the same. It’s a season of giving.

In Olivet, it is a season where members and leaders comes together to refresh themselves with the love that comes from knowing and understanding the word of God. People study the word of God which in return renew their strength, refresh their minds and people reflect of the past and begin to plan for the future.

Leaders receive training to prepare themselves for the forthcoming year. And this time is no difference for Africa. The only difference is in the grace received. There is growth, there is dedication and commitment of those that eyes are opened and knows the truth.