Leaders Praying for Teens During a Christmas Retreat

Ministry and Church leaders are taking time to pray for the teens and pray together with them so that they may be rooted in the Love of God. Pastor James led and shared from Ephesians 3:14-18.

As the retreat continue to unfold, the leaders are are praying for the spiritual growth and development of the teens. “We need to be concerned with the growth of the teens, they are very important that is why we need to raise them in the right way of God”, Pastor James shared during leaders prayer meeting.

Teens gathered together in prayer to offer thanksgiving to God. They prayed that God may give them the grace to understand and keep hold of every teachings they are receiving. “I want God to change me through His word that I am learning here, I want to be a true Christian inwardly not just by a name”, a teen sister shared as she asked for prayers.

The program will continue today with the study of Romans and prayers are being made that the teens can receive much grace through the teachings.