God Removes Stones that Blocks Our Hearts OAU Sunday Service

Emmanuel Church, Uganda Sunday service was grace with visitors and powerful word. With intercession, singing and dancing in worship and praises of thanksgiving to God led by the Jubilee team, the Church was taught about the stone that blocks the door to our hearts.

A sermon entitled “who will remove the stone for us”, by Sister Susan (an intercessory team member) from Mark 16:1-5, was eye opening to the Church. The Preacher asked a question to the Church before she begun. Who will remove a big stone for us? This question kept people wondering what stone she meant and where the stone was.

She explained later that, “we have very many stones in our lives, sickness, poverty, un-forgiveness, addiction, hatred among others. These stones are blocking us from getting our blessings from God”. We are remaining redundant and unproductive, with no development at all”. We can’t even preach the gospel freely.

Looking at Jesus, God sent His Angels to roll away the stone from the entrance. This in the same way will be with us. If we call to God, He will send His Angle to remove that stone for us. For He is will remove all stones which are blocking us from knowing Him more, studying His word, praying to Him daily and loving our brethren. In return this will open doors of blessings from God to our lives.

One sister reflected that, we need to call God, (we need to pray) for God to send His angle to remove those stones away, to relieve us of the burden of sin. Also the service was amazing today as we received 8 visitors who came to fellowship with Emmanuel Church Uganda for their first time. It was such a blessing to Emmanuel church because visitors are angles in the house of the Lord.