OA Uganda, Emmanuel Church Sunday Service

Emmanuel Church Uganda conducted Sunday service from 10 am to 2pm, on Sunday of 28/04/2019. There were 13 visitors that joined to the service that started with intercession which was led by Elim team. Followed by praise and worship which was led by Jubilee team Uganda.

Uganda Church is very well known for their nature of dancing as the way of praising God. This was very inspiring to the visitors that came. Various performances were made by the Jubilee team that also led through the time of worship to usher the Church into the word of God.

The sermon from the book of 2 Timothy 2:19-22 under the theme “Turn away from sin”, shared by Sister Olimude an intercessor. “It’s good to know who you’re,” if you’re a Christian, do things which will identify you as a Christian, by loving one another, by creating peace, controlling ourselves when we are angry, that’s when we will depart from iniquity”, she stated as she was beginning the sermon. “You should not miss use the youthful age in doing wicked things, respect your parents no matter how many master’s or degree you’re holding, parents remains as parents”, she expounded.

As she was ending, she encouraged everybody to be faithful, to seek peace. As children of God should always create peace, where there is peace, there is always love, and where there is love, there’s working together as one family. Never selfish but are like footballers who always work together so that cannot be scored by defending themselves as a team and going forward together to score. The children of God should always work together because they belong to the same Father and same family.

“Let’s work together as a family to build the kingdom of God, without race and gender, for we are one”. She ended and the Church was very happy to receive such a needed message for the growth of the ministry.