OA Zambia churches had gracious Easter Services

OA Zambia received a gracious service report from the churches of Lusaka, Ndola and Chipata provices. John Lange cell church attended 37, and Chipata 34 and Lusaka Emmanuel Church 25 includes children. They shared the message of the meaning of the cross and resurrection.

Lusaka Emmanuel church shared the message by missionary James from Luke 24:13-33 that we need to open our eyes to see Jesus who is walked with us as like two disciples on the road to Emmaus. John Lange cell church, pastor John, shared Mark 16:1-8 the resurrection of Jesus that Jesus is alive. Chipata cell church shared ‘Come to Jesus’ message from Matthew 12:28-30 that “We should carry the cross of Jesus Christ with love and divinity and sincerity”.

Ndola started new cell church from the school. Pastor Alick shared a message entitled; “all things work for good” coming from the book of Romans 8; 28. Whether good all bad we need to learn to appreciate God. Everything that happens in our lives is known by God therefore, whether we live or die it is for the glory of God. For Jesus to receive the crown of glory, he had to the price therefor, we need to stand firm no matter the situation we may face in our lives.