Make Yourself an Ark, OAA Conference Closing Service

A five days conference came to an end with a graceful closing service on Friday morning. Pastor Thomas Ha delivered the Word of God from the book of Genesis 6:9-22. Teaching and encouraging the ministers to build for themselves an ark.

Explaining the commitment of Noah who took about 120 years to build an ark that God had instructed him to do was a very challenging and difficult time in Noah’s life. People might have called him crazy, he said. How a normal person can make an ark near mountains where there is no water? He continued. Though he suffered, he listened and obeyed the voice of God, he followed Gods command, he expounded.

We need to make for ourselves an ark. When we suffer to do Gods work we will be building an ark for ourselves to save us and our family from the wrath of God. We are making and ark to save this world. The ark of salvation and Jesus is our captain.

Through Noah, God preserved the remnant, and through our struggles and efforts, God will save the world if we endure till the finishing like Noah did. Like a prodigal son, we are lost into the world looking for freedom. We have departed from God and God is seeking for us. We are His Lost sons (Luke 15:11-32). We need to repent and turn back to God for he is waiting for us, missionary Thomas explained to the leaders.

The sermon was very graceful. And indeed it was a great way to remind the leaders their purpose before they could leave for their respective countries.