OAU Embraces God’s Blessings, Providing Teens that Seek after Gods Heart.

Emmanuel Church held Sunday Service embracing the blessing of God. With teens showing Spiritual growth.  Engaging and taking responsibilities to partake of Church activities single heartedly.

From 9am to 1pm Uganda held a beautiful service with Elim team leading intercession and Jubilee team leading Praise and worship. Entertainment (special presentation) through dancing by Jubilee dance team, and Teen chosen Army-(Teen ministry) were among the graceful performances made this Sunday. “It is always a beautiful thing to see young people engage in the programs of the Church. These teens give in much more than it was expected. And we are grateful to God for putting in them that heart”. The Church Elder shared as he concluded by saying “we need to embrace such kind of blessings for it comes from God”.

After these beautiful presentations, the spirit of the congregation was fed with Gods word entitled “Love one another “by Robert Bryant from the book of Matthew 25:37- 40. In his explanation, he said, when we love our brothers and sisters, it means that we love God too, because He is the one who created them, but when we hate them, then we definitely hate God too. Therefore, he called upon each and every one to love one another as a fulfilment of Gods Love.

There was final remarks about the service from the elder of the Church Mr. Willy and he thanked the Preacher on behalf of the Church and encouraged the youths to continue with a serving heart in pursuit of God’s love. The service ended is really a graceful way as it was shared by the Church administrator.