OAZ “Inspiring”, Revival Sets a New Record of 5 hours Sunday Service.

Olivet Assembly Zambia, Revival Church held Sunday Service and set a new record of five (5) hours service. To the dismay, the congregation was not tired at all. Rather excited to be in the presence of God.

Unlike the normal Service hours (3 hours) used every Sundays. This Sunday was very unique and special. With two HQ staff joining (Missionary James and Brother Walter). The service lasted for five hours from morning to afternoon, then later there was evening session. The zeal and hunger to be in God’s presence, forgoing lunch that feeds the body but to persist and let their spirit be fed was a precious thing to watch. “It was an inspiration to me”, Walter said when asked.

The Bible Study was led by Pastor and a missionary James Lee, who had visited from the headquarters to discuss development plans for Olivet High School with the staff. He taught from the book of Romans 1:17. The title of his teaching was how to obtain righteousness. This session was very interactive as questions and answers were the core activities before he gave the final remarks. Unlike as people think of it being the works that obtain righteousness, it is only and only through faith, that is our hope to obtain righteousness before God. And this faith comes through hearing and hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17).

Amidst tremendous presentations of songs from various choir group, the powerful testimonies shared by Church members, powerful session of praises and worship, the sermon was delivered by the Church Pastor, He shared from Psalm 97:5.

In a conversation with some of the Church members, they were all satisfied with the time. One said, it was worth it to be in the house of God for that much time rather be out there and do things that can’t give glory to Him”, he said