Tanzania Begins Training to Raise Church Leaders

10.02 2018 |

Emmanuel Church, Dar-es-Salam has been growing and now they desire and plans to raise Church leaders from the available committed members. The Church administrator in her communication with the Africa HQ was happy to begin the process and very thankful to God for the level that God has taken them to. On her return from Uganda training, she was

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Nigeria Graceful Sunday Service
8.21 2018 | Congregation

Nigeria church had a beautiful time in the presence of God with three new visitors.

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Nigeria Emmanuel Church had gracious Sunday Service 'everyone has a ministry of reconciliation'
7.10 2018 | Congregation

Nigeria Emmanuel church had an awesome service on Sunday the 8th of August. Dolapo Lawal taught about Apostleship and he explained that apostles are messengers and that 'everyone has a ministry of

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OAA Uganda Bible Conference Ended with Graceful Testimonies
9.20 2018 | OA

OA Africa held Bible Study Series of "4 Spiritual Laws" in Uganda with mission workers from African countries after the AM

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AM Leadership Training
8.03 2018 | Event
AM Leadership Training
8.01 2018 | Event
OA Kenya Leadership Training
8.31 2018 | Event
Ministry Focus
Small little Lights and Salts of the World, Teenagers Study the word of God.
10.02 2018 | Ministry

From Oct 6th to 7th, OA Kenya leadership training will be held at Nakuru Gratia church. Olivet Members who finished basic Bible lessons can join this training event.