Planting 1,000 More Churches by 2019

1000 Churches


"In the Great Commission as it is found in Matthew, the phrase 'make disciples of all ethne (peoples)' does not let us off the hook once we have a church in every country- God wants a strong church within every people!" - Ralph D. Winter

America is becoming extremely diverse and going through cultural dynamics at every stage. How do churches respond to this changing context is one of the most crucial topics in mission methodology. New groups of people who bring fresh ideas and unconventional forms of life need a church that sends a relevant message to them. The Gospel is the text that constantly communicates the truth of eternal life. In transformational era, Churches should bring this Word with cultural forms that can reach various people groups.

“Planting 1,000 Churches in America” is a project that envisions a greater platform of mission to embrace numerous people groups in Christ Jesus. It aims to set up a church in every segment and corner of society to powerfully communicate the truth of the gospel and fulfill its mission.

Church Planting by Region and by State

OA Africa has five regions geographically divided in structure. The region offices are collaborating with the General Office of Africa to recruit, train and minister Church Planters who have spread in various local areas. Regions also communicate with central office of each state to sustain and strengthen church planting works in every phase.

Apply to Become a Church Planter

If you have a calling from the Lord to plan a church in the Africa, please receive counseling from your pastor and fill this application.

Church Planter Application (Click)

Growth Pattern of Healthy Church with Timeline

What is a growth pattern of healthy church with what timeline? Church Planting and Church Growth are often compared to the life cycle of humans. There is a conception, birth, infant and until adult in man’s growth period. Each phase of life is unique and requires timely supply of nutrition, care and activities. This is how churches grow from the conception phase until they multiply as a mature church.

Start - up Churches take about three up to six months to prepare to give a birth. This period of time is often called as “conception” phase of the church planting. These pre-birth stage requires formation of the core group that supports basic ministries to complete different units of the congregation. The number that is projected to fill all areas with leaders is 24 people. Church Planters give an extensive focus on creating an effective core group of 24 members to launch a church that fully functions.

The church ready with functioning core group members prepares its administration and evangelism activity to reach 70 congregants. The expected timeline to reach 70 members is about a year up to 3 years considering levels of current congregants and maturing speed. Churches operate with key ministries that include different age groups such as children, teens, youth, adult and seniors. They also open different language programs including English, Spanish, Chinese or others according to the demographics of the community. Diverse ministries also actively conduct programs with art, prayer, education, and music.

Multiplying Church

Healthy and strong churches naturally multiply. Multiplication of churches can be realized in various ways in diverse forms. In the scope of Church Planting, however, planting one more daughter church is a basic definition of multiplication.

Churches do pioneer and plant more churches to extend their network of the gospel. The mother church raises new church planters and support them with continuous care and administration until new churches stand as fully functioning unit of the body of Christ.

Launching Ministries

1 Corinthians 12:12 says, "Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ." We acknowledge that life has numerous aspects that need specific care and work and so does Church. Church forms a body with many parts fulfilling each job. Ministries for different age groups, genders, jobs and interest areas must prepare their “wineskin” to contain “wine” that is people of God with diverse gifts and cultural background.

OA Churches can be supported with resources and help from respective ministry organization and fellowship to create various ministry platforms.

Language Diversity Reaching Hispanics, Chinese and Others

Churches need to consider changing context of American society and its immigrant influence. Millions of immigrants who form a large segment of the society should not be left out in the effort of the gospel preaching.

OA Language departments coordinates local churches to help them thrive with diverse ethnicities in their community.

Support Church Planters

Even if you are not a pastor or a church planter who actually launches ministries, you can share your grace and blessing from the Lord by supporting one of start-up Churches financially.

If your prayer responds, please fill the pledge.


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