The meaning of the cross in the life of Christian


In the season of LENT, many followers of Jesus are meditating the cross of Jesus. 

Why Jesus carried the cross? It is because He loved us, and He obeyed the will of God to save this world. How about the cross Jesus asked to the followers?

He said "If you want to follow me, carry your cross and follow me."

The cross of Jesus means His lowering, emptying, self-denying, death, suffering, pain to love others. If we call the meaning with one word, it is "love"

So when we carry our cross, God will give us the time of resurrection and joy. Jesus said "You will weep, but your weeping will turn to joy, because of the life-birth" Because Jesus had this joy of life-birth in faith in God, he could overcome the miserable death and he could know He had a victory. And the cross of the Christian's life would be similar. As we came to know the love of God for us in Jesus Christ, we also can suffer to share this love to others. Most importantly we can share the love of God to others even though it's hard. It is God's will for the follower of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus said "Go through the narrow way. Many people want to go through wide way, but a few people would go through the narrow way." As the Christians know the true love of God and share the love with sincere faith and love, the world will realize the love of God deeply.