OA Africa Leaders Meditating the life of Faithful Servant


OA Africa mission leaders have been meditating the life of faithful servant at the online conference. On Monday, June 25, they were meditating the life of apostle Paul how he was focusing on preaching the good news to the Gentiles. He was taking care of the members and worried about their spiritual problems more than his suffering and persecuted life. His life was pursuing the "The most important thing" in life. Jesus said, "Do not worry for what to eat and what to wear, but seek for the Kingdom of God and his righteousness". Our lives are not supposed to be confined because of the things which will end. But he asked to focus on the will of God which is to make the Kingdom of God and saving the people on the earth.

On Tuesday, they were meditating Luke 16:1-13 "The parable of a shrewd servant". Though the servant was using the master's possession to make friends out of fear after being fired, he was complemented by the master for his wisdom. It is teaching about our life as we are not the owner but we are the manager of life which was entrusted by God. And there will be a judgment by God after our death. So with the things which is unworthy, we need to store the treasure in heaven through making the heavenly friends by sharing the good news.

The leaders were meditating and received the great wisdom from the word of God. May God lead OA Africa to save many souls by the faithful servants of His Kingdom.