Ministry Focus

AM Africa Seeks to Revive Network Activity Through Mission Trips


Apostolos Missions Africa launched a plan to awaken chapters in Africa and also open new chapters during this summer. AM Africa leader, Walter, is currently co-working with OA Africa to conduct mission trips to neighboring countries. He is currently in South Sudan.

The main priority for Walter during the mission trip is to set up stable leaders. The region is currently meeting daily for reporting and prayer. The Africa HQ is hoping to revive the leaders and awaken the heart for youth mission in African countries. Walter and the HQ are checking the pioneering list daily and praying for breakthrough in evangelism actively. 

The AM HQ prays that he may grow through this experience and also lead other chapters gracefully. Africa has great potential to grow with many youth in a short time. Please pray for Walter's spiritual growth as well as the development of AM Africa mission.