Tanzania started Romans Bible Study


Tanzania Emmanuel church started Bible study from Romans chapter 1:1-6. Tanzania Emmanuel church keeps meditating the Word of God as the bread of life and makes fellowship through word of God. 

Paul was interesting to look at Paul introducing himself as a slave. Many people are slave to different things of money, wealth and etc. But when we denounce ourselves, we identify ourselves with Christ Jesus. We need to know His will and live according to it, then we can be humble like Paul. The church members were meditating this word and reminded themselves that humble hearts are good for serving God. 

Another thing that they learned is about being ready and willing to serve God through evangelism and encouragement to one another. Just like Paul who was willing to go to Rome, to preach the good news about Christ. He was a good evangelist. 

They will continue doing Bible studies day by day, to grow in their spiritual life and serve God sincerely.