Ministry Focus

Youth Network Africa made 'Campus Evangelism' on Thursday and Friday


Youths of OA Africa continue to evangelize medical students with a goal to set up SLS Ministry in Africa. Walter visited Lusaka Apex medical college and Cavendish University priorities in Zambia on Thursday and Friday to make fellowship.

Every Thursdays and Fridays are days he settled as a 'campus evangelism' day. Currently, as the evangelism continues, there are some students (Karen Kaonga, Fred, and Cheran) that have the will to commit their time in the ministry and they have been consistent communication and fellowship with these students from Apex medical college. "We don't know what the future holds for us with them but we hope for the best for everything we do we pray to do them under the guidance of the Holy Spirit", one of the youth stated.

"We believe that Gods' timing makes progress, we will continue to do our part to evangelize and wait on Gods manifestation at the right time because we need the right people that God has prepared for the ministry", Walter stated.