OA Africa Finalizes Easter Retreat Plans For Ndola Ministry Leaders



The OA Africa concludes on the arrangement for the Easter Retreat to be held at Revival Church, Ndola for the ministry leaders from 28th March to 2nd April.

With the help of the OLI team, the Headquarter plans to hold a five days training for the newly emerged and emerging (potential) leaders to help equip them and support in the growth of the Church and the ministry as well. Leadership training is an essential for development and growth of a ministry, one of the HQ staff stated. Revival Church is growing fast by the grace of God so the leaders needs to be ready to take care of the members, he added.

Revival Church contains quite a big number of youth that is why it is good for youth leaders to have the right word of God, not only a good word. This training will really put an impact in the spiritual growth and maturity of the leaders if they receive it with all their hearts, OLI leader advised as she was reviewing the programs prepared for this training.